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UI development and System integration
We are supplying user interface development and system integration services for mobile phones to Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and North America markets.

Java Software Development
- Java VM(Virtual Machine) Porting: Aplix JBlend, Sun KVM, Qualcomm QVM, etc
- Stability and AMS(Application Management System) Development
- JSR(Java Specification Requests) Porting and Java Application Porting
- Java Functions Implementation and Maintenance
- Perform Java Certification Test
- Java DRM(Digital Rights Management) Implementation

Low Level (Layer1) Software Development
GSM/GPRS Device Base Setup
- Multimedia Function Implementation: Hardware testing, System booting and Software tracing module, etc
- Device Driver Stabilization and Development: MAP, CCP, MMF, Audio Codec, MIDI, Camera driver, etc
- Flash Loader Program and Device Driver Development: Touch-Pad, LCD, I2C, RS-232c, Key-Pad, IrDA, etc

File Systems Porting and Stabilization for GSM/GPRS devices
- Non-POSIX File Systems Porting and Stabilization for NOR flash memory
- POSIX File Systems Porting and Stabilization for NOR, NAND and MMC/SD flash memory
- Develop and Supply Integrated File System (IFS) for GSM/GPRS devices
- Support Technical Skills on Production and Release of GSM/GPRS devices (2003~now)

DCD(Dynamic Contents Delivery, Dynamic Idle) Solution
We have technology of SVG player and contents player which are centered for DCD implementation. This term, DCD, is made by OMA(Open Mobile Alliance) which is a wireless internet international organization and means the skills to transmit to mobile devices with real time by controlling wire and wireless contents. It is well-known widely as Dynamic Idle in Europe and US markets.

Image Converting Algorithm & Tools
We have the image converting algorithm which is a technology optimized for mobile environment because compression rates are improved by over 30% compared with RLE (Run Length Encoding) method, on the other hand, decode load hardly increases. It’s especially useful for the mobile devices using RGB565 format. Furthermore, we are making our own development tools to manage, keep and process the mass image easily.

Classification Example 1 Example 2
Real Image
Original Size 88,038 byte 87,834 byte
RLE(Run-Length Encoding) Method 32,410 byte 36,252 byte
HUONE Algorithm Method 22,120 byte 18,601 byte