AlexVG™ forge

Overview | Demo

This demo shows basic functions of OpenVG as following.

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Demo Sample

These below samples show how dynamic and outstanding graphic AlexVG™ forge supports.

AlexVG™ forge provides the antialiasing when you draw a map in the navigating devices. This shows a three-dimensional effect on the map, which help users feel reality.
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Path Stroke & Fill
AlexVG™ forge draws a Tiger picture step by step by using Stroke and Fill of Path. This describes more dynamic and powerful movements.
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This demo shows practical use of Vector Font. It is easy to enlarge and reduce Font with a cubic effect by implementing AlexVG™ forge.
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Stroke Parameter
This demo is the animation drawn by changing Path Stroke Parameter of OpenVG. This shows smooth lines and three-dimensional springs moving separately.
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This demo shows the various image effects.
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This demo shows falling petals and cubic boxes.
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This demo shows the woman wearing Korean traditional clothes. It has smaller data size compared with the bitmap images.
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Using AlexVG™ forge, this image describes cubic motions of a diamond.
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