AlexVG™ forge

Overview | Demo

Acceleration of 2D Vector Graphic
AlexVG™ forge is an OpenVG engine which is 2D vector
graphic standard by using the graphic chip that supports
OpenGL/OpenGL ES.

More Dynamic Vector Graphic
AlexVG™ forge supports highly improved performance of
OpenVG through hardware acceleration.

Simultaneous Implementation of 2D/3D Graphic
You can implement 2D & 3D graphic applications at the
same time with at least expense and vastly superior
performance. In addition, if AlexVG™ forge is used on
devices which have GPU to support OpenGL ES, use of CPU
on the devices becomes reduced.

HW Requirement

Requirement If not
Stencil Buffer Scissoring will not be supported.
Depth Buffer Processing speed of radial gradient, stroked path will becomes slow.
Multisampling Low rendering quality
Three MultiTexture Multiply of images will not be supported when only
2 MultiTextures are supplied.
Mask will not be supported when only 1 is supplied.