AlexVG™ engine

Overview | Demo

Software Engine based on OpenVG 1.0
AlexVG™ engine is a software engine based on OpenVG 1.0 which is standards of 2D vector graphic created by Khronos Group. It has stable and excellent performance by taking all advantages of OpenVG 1.0.

Effective Rendering Pipeline
AlexVG™ engine supports the best quality and performance images by implementing rendering pipeline process.

Fast and Easy Porting
AlexVG™ engine is the modularized software engine, thus it can be ported to any device without change of any hardware configuration fast and easily. It can be easily ported to various embedded devices such as mobile phones, PMP, PDA, STB, etc and software platforms such as WIPI, BREW, etc.

Optimized Solution for Application Development
AlexVG™ engine provides dynamic and clear graphic images for applications and service programs for embedded systems. Because it is programmed by C, it can be ported to various platforms easily. And OpenGL or OpenGL ES developers can learn OpenVG without difficulty since OpenVG APIs are similar with OpenGL/GLES APIs.

Suitable Application Fields

GUI development for handheld devices
Mobile phone, PMP, MP3P, Navigation
GUI development for home appliances
Wall-Pad, DTV, Set-up Box
Mobile application development
MMS, SVG player, E-Book, Mobile browser, Mobile game
Mobile information service program
Maps, News, Weather, Stocks

Function & Product Composition


- Coordinate Systems: Device independent Coordinate System
- Path: Point, Line, Quadratic Bezier, Cubic Bezier, Arc
- Path Transformation: 3x3 matrix system
  (affine transformation only)
- Image: Filters, Re-sampling, various image formats
- Image Transform: 3x3 matrix system (perspective projection)
- Paint: Anti-aliasing, Gradation, Pattern Fill, Dash Stroke
- Masking & Blending: Scissoring, Alpha Masking and Various    Blending functions
- VGU: High level geometric primitives (shapes), image warping

Product Composition
- Rendering Pipeline

Support Platforms
- HW Platform: ARM9, Xscale™, Xscale™ MMX
- OS: Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Windows CE, RTOS