2D Vector Graphic Solution, AlexVG™

AlexVG™ is a 2D vector graphic solution for embedded systems. This is based on OpenVG and SVG which are standard of vector graphic and improves performance of graphic on mobile application programs and services. .

* AlexVG™ engine
  OpenVG S/W engine
* AlexVG™ player
  SVG Player
* AlexVG™ forge
  OpenVG for OpenGL ES
* AlexVG™ forma
  OpenVG for Media H/W

3D Graphic Solution, AlexGL™

AlexGL™ is a 3D graphic solution based on OpenGL ES and COLLADA for embedded systems.

* AlexGL™ engine
  OpenGL ES S/W engine
* AlexGL™ gui
  Collada Based 3D GUI


Software Solution for Embedded Systems, ionESS™

Optimized embedded system solutions which are effective and stable with our experience and skills in low-level software development for mobile devices.

* ionFS™
  Embedded File System
* ionOS™
  Real Time -
  Operating System


OpenVG Development Kit

We are offering AlexVG engine™ and Examples to many Universities and Companies who need to develop Mobile Vector Graphics Application by using OpenVG API.


HUONE is a Korea Executive Selling Agency of gRemedy which has a head office in Israel. gDebugger is a program tool which can trace application activity on top of the OpenGL API to see what‘s happening within the graphic system implementation.

Engineering Services

We supply high- level mobile engineering services with experience and know-how of many years in embedded software and solutions

* Mobile SI
* Research Services